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    I am just wondering if anyone seems to think the same thing:
    Linux users are of a unique breed.
    For simplicity lets use animials for refence

    Sheep: The avrage user of computers is lucky to be able check their e-mail and maybe do a little web-surfing. If they are able to use software then that is all that they do and setting up seems too complex to them.

    Mice: Then there are the users that as long as it stays relitavely easy are willing to do it.They go as far as light investigation and need step by step instructions. (These are people with an MCSE and think that they now can do anything with a computer) But these types become almost to the point of a simple addiction to stay with things that are easy (in the area of computers) and when stepping into new territory with computers that deal more with the basics of computing. (Such as the regular use of the command line and programming) These types hold on to their mice with great fear of losing them and only touch the keyboard when it is of extream nessicity. (If their mouse breaks then they tend to be at a loss)

    Penguins: These are the people are just wierd . They either dislike the OS alternatives so much or their curisoity got the better of them causing them to take on the challange of learning somthing new and totally different. These people are generally of the type that a prolbem challenges them and goes through great pain to try and figure out a soultion. Also they tend to be motiveated more toward computers than their counterparts. And overall they tend to like fixing things.

    So in conclusion I think is seems obivous that the penguins need to fix and setup computers for the sheep (similar to the way auto mechanics do cars). and the mice . . . uhh well set loose a cat. ;D

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    well said 8) ;D

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    It's about right.
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    thats a good one ..


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    Thought I'd add a few more subspecies. As there are 19 breeds of penguins. I won't go into defining cuz I'm sure it'd rock the boat Then there are breeds of sheep and mice and so on... Ah yes, the joys of associations. But I don't recommend refining, as the definitions tend to be.. bent just a little to make it all work.

    [me=Syn]goes back into the Freezer, sad that there aren't penguins in the northern hemisphere. :S[/me]

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    heh, not bad

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    What am I? ???

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    No penguins in the northern hemisphere...? I though maybe on Alaska's north shore or something... oh well, back to watching the Discovery Channel for me
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