As you may have noticed from my other posts, I 'm having a bit of a huge problem installing drivers for my PCTel's either I don't have this or that, or i need to upgrade something which probably involves wrecking something else....anywho, I think i may have come across a solution, but (damn those buts!), once again I'm missing crap i can't even get (libcrypto sumthing somethin and other such files). Some guy ( I can't remember his name or even look it up right now as the file is in linux, made the modules and supplied with them all that is needed for a proficient user to make the modules to their own liking (his are for kernel 2.4.0). His instructions pretty much involve cd'ing into the dir, "make clean" to get rid of his kernel specific module, "make" to make the module against your own kernel, and "make install" to of course, install them. As easy as this sounds, my freaky noobdom won't let me accomplish this simple feat ( I get a REALLY REALLY long convoluted error message on the files I don't have installed or aren't in the path....What I'm askin is if there might be anyone with proficient knowledge of linux who has the stock kernel of Suse 8.0 who'd be willing to help me out by doing the first two steps (make clean and make) on their machine?

Help is appreciated.
Thanks ;D