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Thread: Printing To An HP JetDirect 500X

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    Printing To An HP JetDirect 500X


    I want to know how to print to a networked Jet Direct box with three printers.

    The IP address is and I think the ports are set at 9000; 9001 & 9002 (not sure of this). How would I set up TCP/IP printing to such a box?

    Vampyre UK

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    Re:Printing To An HP JetDirect 500X

    Google is your friend. Seems to have a lot of info on these under Linux.

    Jim H

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    Thanks Jim ...

    ... I use AltaVista mostly but some of that stuff looks REALLY useful :-)

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    Re:Printing To An HP JetDirect 500X

    I don't about Altavista, but Google is very Linux friendly.

    Jim H

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    So Very Frustrated :-(

    Thanks for the replies ... nothing has worked so far despite help from you guys and others on other forums and the SuSE Linux newsgroup which forces me to ask why it is so hard to get configuration information on Linux with a fairly common networking component i.e. a JetDirect box?

    From the POV of a Windows techy (me) this is dead easy with any version of Windows I am familiar with (certainly under NT or better) and yet Linux doesn't seem to be able to do it. Why not? Are JetDirect boxes that uncommon? It's very, very frustrating because I am so itchy keen to migrate everything to Linux but without this relatively ordinary printer setup I can't do it. Following the advice I've had I've tried looking at the HP site, I've tried looking on the net, I've posted in several forums and mail lists, I've d/loaded WebMin and HP JetAdmin for Linux and each time I've been stumped. I freely admit it might be me and my inexperience with Linux but I really don't see why it has to be this damned hard ... I'm beginning to believe that my only recourse is to drop back to Windows as the centre of my network and I really, really would rather not do that.

    Someone, somewhere out there must know how to configure printers on a multi-port JetDirect box!

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    Re:So Very Frustrated :-(

    The problem is really that an experienced Linux user has to have one of these jet direct devices, learn how to configure it, then take the time to write it down and post it on the internet for others to take advantage of.

    Most of the Linux documentation is end user wriiten. I guess anyone who has been able to configure one of these under lInux just has not taken the time to write down how to do it.

    I assume these jetdirect boxes can be used under Linux at all?

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    Solved! Jet Direct Multi-Port Printing


    I finally have a solution for SuSE at any rate but I don't see why it wont work anywhere else :-)

    1.Install cups
    2.Start cups server (apparently there are 3 choices but since I used SuSE it was already running anyway).
    3.Open browser,
    4.Select "Administration" & enter root and root password
    5.Select "Add printer" entering info in Name (the only important one on this screen ... other 2 are just text) to distinguish the printer on the hub from the others. Select "Continue"
    6.At the next screen select "Device" as "AppSocket/HP JetDirect" and select "Continue"
    7.At the next screen select "URI" as "socket://" (this is the 1st printer on the box, the subsequent ones are 9101 & 9102) and select "Continue"
    8.At the next screen select "Make" (in my case Epson) and select "Continue"
    9.At the next screen select "Model/Driver" (in my case Epson 5700) and select "Continue". I'll admit to being a bit baffled here as there are drivers with gimp, foomatic (or similar) so I just selected one and it worked.
    10.At the next screen you will get a message "Printer xxxxx has been successfully added", click on printer name, click "Print Test Page" and Voila!!!!

    My thanks to Ed Harrison on the SuSE support list for this.

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    Re:Printing To An HP JetDirect 500X

    Hmm, it was just a problem with lpd then. Maybe just with your specific version of Suse.

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