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Thread: Help with Modem/Weird Request...

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    Re:Help with Modem/Weird Request...

    hey, cool
    were you posting in windows previously?
    try deleting the glo cookie, maybe then you will be able to log in

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    Re:Help with Modem/Weird Request...

    The problem was both in Win and in Linux....but I got the email with the new password and all is better....Thanks!

    Good to have the board back....For a while I thought the sql errors were on my side...hehehe

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    Re:Help with Modem/Weird Request...

    I think there is a cookie bug with the forum. Although it might be a Mozilla problem. I have to delete the GLO forum cookies sometimes in order to login.

    The board errors were not your problem. I think the Aragorn's host had a server lockup and it had to be rebooted. At first the site was completely inaccessible, then it came back up with the SQl errors. I think the only problem was that the *(^(^) idiot host did not restart MySQL after the reboot. It took him five days to notice it I guess. :P

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