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Thread: Evolution 1.20

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    Evolution 1.20

    Hi all!

    I did an upgrade on my evolution to ver 1.20 , I used the stuff found
    on this location:
    I got all the dependencies except the last one GNOME-1.4 libraries

    However I did an upgrade to gnome 2 also found on the above website ..
    gnome worked fine ..

    but when I try to start evolution I get:

    evolution: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    anyone know how to fix this ??

    running slack 8.1 (full install)

    thanks in advance ..


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    Re:Evolution 1.20

    what does this show:
    locate libgtkhtml

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    Re:Evolution 1.20

    Looks like you don't have the right version of gtkhtml installed. I have Evolution 1.2.0 on my Red Hat box.

    $ rpm -qf /usr/lib/

    That is the version of gtkhtml I have on my box that supplies the library you are missing. If you do have, it is possible it might not be in the search path or /etc/ needs to be changed. Or as root you might try running this: /sbin/ldconfig -vv

    That will update

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    Re:Evolution 1.20

    Thanks guys for your help and support .. it turned out I didn't have that lib file so after a little searching messing around and trying .. I found it ..
    installed it and now it works fine again

    thanks guys ..



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    Re:Evolution 1.20


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