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    apache server

    hey im a new and i would like to set up an apache web server (someone told me of it) and i thats what i should use could you help me with it, or if you know another app that sets it up please tell me. thaks

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    Re:apache server

    Which distro are you using?
    I think with red hat you just type service httpd start/stop/restart

    Html pages should be in /var/www (i think)
    Well i know they are are in /www somewhere within /var

    also try the man pages or the apache web site
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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    Re:apache server

    i think we need a bit more info.
    what distro, what version of apache (if you know it)
    what other things you want - php/mysql etc
    then we might be able to help you some more

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