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Thread: Resizing partitionns with linux...

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    Resizing partitionns with linux...

    Is there a way to resize the partition of linux through linux. Is there an option at linux's fdisk. Do you know s/w i can download for linux that can do this job. I have one large partition of linux and i want to brake it into 2-3 different partitions. Any ideas??
    Thnx in advance for your help.

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    Re:Resizing partitionns with linux...

    im not sure but i hear ppl dribbling about "parted" so check that out with google, maybe the answer lies there??
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    Re:Resizing partitionns with linux...

    Yep, GNU parted works. I have used it before. It does have some limitations. You can check out the docs below. Make sure you read through them before attempting to use it.

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