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Hey, HEY, HEY, Alastair!!! Don't get All Shook Up! I'm not bashing RH, period. I just stated facts.

I reinstalled RedHat 8.0 today, primarily to see if I could get a clean install of XMMS with it. XMMS did not work as a plug-in, again. However, I found an XMMS file which fixed the technical problem resulting form RedHat's licensing choice. Anyone who needs it can find it at Guru Labs. Once I downloaded and installed it, my XMMS worked correctly.

My CD player also works correctly, maybe because of the reinstall. I don't know, but everything works fine now, maybe better than fine!

As for bashing, that's not my purpose. I am struggling to find out how to use Linux packages. Other newbies may be doing the same thing, unless they just give up on Linux and revert to Microsoft's OS.

For other NEWBIES:

I discovered that RedHat has a marvelous feature today. It is VERY much like Lindows' Click N Run. I explored RedHat Network. There is a feature there called Channels and Packages. In it, you can DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL over a thousand programs and applications. You get a one year subscription to that service with registration of your RedHat and activation of your "Entitlement." It is every bit as nice as Click N Run with a couple of exceptions. First, it is not as well marketed as Click N Run. You have to find the feature. Second, the programs offered are not described as well as those in Lindows' counterpart. With RedHat's Channels and Packages, you have to click on a link to see what the package is. However, with Click N Run, the packages are divided into categories, so that you can know if it is a utility, or a multimedia application, etc. When you click on the listing, you get an illustrated page with a description of the program. I like that better, but RedHat's Channels and Packages is REALLY nice. Both are better than anything which will ever be offered by Windows or Mac.