I just bought a Lindows PC from Walmart for $199.00. It has 128 megs of RAM, an 800 mhz cpu, and a 10 Gig hard drive. It also came with Lindows already installed. I hooked the PC up, plugged it in, and I was on the internet. the whole process took maybe 5 minutes.

I have run Linux 7.2 and recently installed Linux 8.0 -

SO, here is my comparison as a Linux newbie, who escaped from Bill Gates and Microsoft.

I like Lindows. I doubt I will use Microsoft programs on it, even though it runs WINE (Windows emulator). I mean, why run buggy Windows stuff? Isn't that why we left Microsoft for Linux? If you want applications, they are available online, and most of them are FREE!!!

One thing I like about Lindows is its "Click N Run" feature. As a newbie, I struggled on Linux Redhat 7.2 whenever I had to install something. I still hate tar packages and the like. Well, "Click N Run" does away with that. For $99.00, a Lindowes user can use Click N Run to download and install any of nearly 2000 Lindows programs, including Star Office Suite - for no other charge. "Click N Run" will install the program for you. You won;t ever have to untar, gunzip, or rpm anything again. You won;t have to read instructions. You just click on the program you want, and your PC downloads and install it. You Click and then Run, really!

What I like about RedHat Linux 8.0 is that it comes with about any program you want, so you don't really need a Click N Run. Thus it is less expensive over all. I bought my version for less than $5.00, and it came with OpenOffice, GnuCash, and tons of other great applications. It took about 40 minutes to install on my old PC, running a 233 mhz cpu with 98 megs of RAM. That's about the same as a Windows 98 installation.

I like RedHat's RPM manager. If you don't have it, get it. It is almost as nice as Click N Run. You right click an ".rpm" package and then click on "install package." The Program manager does the rest! Wow.

Things to look out for when you install RedHat 8.0. First, don't do a "default" package install. Do a custom install. Choose the applications and programs you want. I did a default install, and it left out GnuCash and worse yet, the sound card configuration program. My PC was mute until I figured that one out. You will need to install a java plug-in, or you won't be able to use most Chat Rooms. It took a couple of minutes to find one at Netscape. It was by Sun Microsystems. I clicked on download and the thing installed from there. It took a couple of minutes, maybe.

Another plug-in you will need is Real Audio. That was another easy install, both on Lindows and RedHat. You can use Click N Run without being a subscriber for that program and a handful of others. I clicked on Real Audio, and the program did the rest. It was even configured to work as a plug-in. With RedHat, it was almost as easy. I downloadeda ..rpm package, right clicked it, and the thing installed by itself. I did have to configure it to act as a plug-in, but that didn't take but a minute or so.

Both Linux OS packages are great, but each is a learning expeirence for newbies such as myself. Hope you enjoy yours!