I am a Linux novice.

I've run both RedHat 7.1 and now RedHat 8.0 on my old, obsolete PC. I voiced my reservations about RedHat 8.0 in another thread. As a long-time Windows user, I was not used to having to configure browser plug-ins, and I didn't like Red Hat's altered audio player (XMMS). I had to download a fix for it. But if I got through that, you can, too.

Here's what I like about RedHat 8.0.

(1) It is affordable. You can get a personal version for less than Windows. I bought RedHat 7.1 Professional for less than $20 at Office Depot a year ago while it was on clearance. I bought my 8.0 version for less than $5.00. Ask no more, but it is available online for that ridiculously low price. However, if you have to pay retail, the RedHat Linuc package is worth it.

(2) It comes with all the applications you want, and MORE! Imagine how much Windows would cost if it came with Microsoft Office, an FTP application, a financial package, etc. If you get RedHat, you get those WITH your Linux operating system.

(3) You can get over a THOUSAND other packages for free. RedHat has a feature called Channels and Packages. It is WONDERFUL. There is a list of Linux packages from which you can choose. You can both download and install a package with just one click! Windows has NOTHING like that, and never will. You get one years service by simply activating your entitlement (comes with your software).

(4) RedHat, being a Linux operating system, gives you stable performance. You won't get system degradation, as you do with Windows. Your PC will be like the Energizer rabbit.

(5) Linux also has a nice look and feel. It is different from Windows, which has a harder, more metallic appearance. RedHat also gives you more than one window to work in. You can run applications is different windows, so you won't have to tile or cascade numerous windows in one desktop.

(6) RedHat 8.0 comes with a nice browser, Mozilla, which is equivalent to Netscape 7.0. Unlike the browser which came with RedHat 7.1, this browser has much better fonts, and you can increase or decrease their size, which is important for using Discussion Boards, such as this one.


I Can't Help Falling in Love with RedHat Linux 8.0!