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Thread: How do I play internet .wav files?

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    if xmms can't play it, it usually just 'pretends' to play it, not brings up the load files box
    try clicking the enable plugin box and click apply
    can you play any other music?
    how about downlaoding the file and then opening it?
    what browser are you using?

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    Thanks Alastair!

    You're a great help. I think the problem is with my XMMS program, rather than my browser (Mozilla 1.0.1). I'm going to install XMMS again and see what happens.

    Stand by - I'll be back in a day or two.

    You're the best!

    Clay D

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?


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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    Hey Alastair!

    I got the .wav file to play on XMMS on my Lindows computer. I did exactly what you said.

    But, it still doesn't work on my RedHat PC. There is something wrong with my XMMS Player. My "enable plugin" box does not stay checked. I think that is the problem.

    All I had to do on the Lindows computer was check the "enable plugin" box, and put xmms into the advanced settings for the plug in finder.

    My Lindows PC, which runs the XMMS plug-in correctly, uses Netscape 7.0. The RedHat PC, which isn't running the plug-in properly, uses Mozilla 1.0.1. The two are nearly identical. I checked the preferences in the browser and checked on the Helper Applications. I was surprised at how many were in the Lindows browser, as compared to only one in the Mozilla. I added the XMMS Helper Application, using the same MIME type, file application, etc as in the Lindows computer. It still doesn't work, but the doggone "enable plugin" box in the XMMS options doesn't stay checked.

    I've decided to re-install XMMS, but I want to do it correctly. Do I just install it again, or I have to uninstall it somehow? How would I uninstall it?

    You've been a BIG help!!!


    Clay D

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    By the way, I have the sasme version of XMMS Player on each PC - XMMS 1.2.7.

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    you _could_ try and install the latest version of mozilla. i can step you thru it if you want

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    Quote Originally Posted by Clay
    Babbing, I found the XMMS directory and files, but didn't find a directory entitled "audio player" in usr/bin. Thanks though!

    Clay D
    that is because it is xmms. With RH8.0, there are more generic names for applications, like audio player as opposed to xmms. you will likely see audio player in your menus over xmms. i think there is a way to turn that off, but i haven't found it yet, but i haven't looked either :-D

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    Alright, I've spent a lot of time on this issue. I followed Alastair's advice, and XMMS works fine on my Lindows PC.

    But -

    I think it doesn't work because it is a RedHat issue. RedHat did not put the full XMMS application with RedHat 8.0. Most notably, RedHat did not package what was needed for playing .mp3 files!

    The XMMS on my Lindows PC was the package, complete with those files. It is no wonder. The Father of Lindows is Michael Robertson, the former head of digital music pioneer! Maybe, he used his influence to deny his competitor, RedHat, use of his .mp3 technology? In any event, RedHat shipped out an altered XMMS Player.

    So, after learning that ....

    I reinstalled RedHat. Thought it best to install it fresh without XMMS. Then I installed it and tried again. I got the same results.

    Then ...

    I downloaded the patch which enables RedHat to play .mp3 files (not from RedHat, of course). There was some improvement. I no longer got the "load file(s)" page. Indeed, I got an XMMS Player which was playing!


    It made no sound, just advanced the downloaded song. Is there NO justice! >

    Maybe, the best bet is to find another audio player, other than XMMS?

    Any ideas? I would really welcome any download URLs!

    Thanks everyone,

    Clay D

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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    congrats on the progress you have made.
    the reason redhat didn't ship mp3 drivers with _anything_ was there was a big fuss about the licencing for decoders. some people thought that it changed and free decoders had to pay a royalty, but that wasn't true. too late for rh, who shipped the release without any mp3 players.

    Good to see that it is playing... can you see the progress bar going? if you can then its probally a sound card problem.
    start another thread with card details etc and we will try sort it out ;D ;D
    Good Luck!


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    Re:How do I play internet .wav files?

    Thanks Alastair,

    Yes, I can see the bar moving. The sound card works with regular .wav files and real audio, but it is worth a try.

    I'm upgrading the PC, so I may change sound cards. It will be a few days before then.

    Until then,

    Clay D

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