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Thread: network configuration???

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    network configuration???

    i installed linux mandrake 9.0
    but didnt detect the ethernet card(surecom) how can i fix this?
    2)how can i connect to net via modem?

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    Re:network configuration???

    mandrake should have a wizard to connect to the internet, in fact, iot should have come up when you installed it.
    are you using kde? just run the kde dialup program (its called kppp) and that will let you set up all the info.

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    Re:network configuration???

    Make/model of network card? Do you know what chipset it uses?

    Jim H

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    Re:network configuration???

    model is surecom x-320 i dont know exactly) i cant use modem and ethernet when i use kppp it says cant find dev/modem??whats that
    how can i configure surecom soy you know where can i find driver

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    Re:network configuration???

    try setting the modem to /dev/ttys01

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    Re:network configuration???

    Well a quick search shows several different models of that card. Some with RealTek chipset and some use a Surecom chipset.

    If you have one with a Surecom chipset it doesn't look to be supported.
    Your modem might be a winmodem. Do you know what make/model it is?

    Post the ouput of /sbin/lspci -v

    Jim H

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