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    Sound Options

    Unfortunately, I must bring up a Windows thing to explain this...
    When in Windows and listening to music, you have the option of an 'Advanced' music settings, where you can change the bass and treble. Does Mandrake 9 have anything like this? I was using XMMS last night, and even with the EQ on, the treble was BARELY boosted. I used to have all of my stuff encoded at 320kb/sec, but cut it down to 160 to save a little space. I wish I hadn't now, because it kinda sounds like poo. Thanks for any help!
    Asus A8V Deluxe Mobo
    AMD Athlon64 X2 4400 -939
    2GB Crucial DDR3200 Dual-Channel
    ATi AiW 9800 Pro 128DDR
    Audigy2 ZS
    Sony DRU-810 DVD+RW DL
    3 x Maxtor MaxLine SATA 160Gb 16Mb Cache
    1 x Maxtor MaxLine SATA 300Gb 16Mb Cache
    1 x Maxtor MaxLine SATA 120Gb 16Mb Cache

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    Re:Sound Options

    Not sure what it is listed as on the KDE menu, but the app is kmixer.

    Alright guys are all the KDE users on vacation today?

    Jim H

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    Re:Sound Options

    it'll be in audio somewhere, or just run kmixer.
    you can also put it in the 'system tray' woo!

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    Re:Sound Options

    i don't think it is kmixer, just kmix, or by the KDE menu sound mixer .

    also are you sure you are properly using the EQ? i know sometimes i forget to turn it on and can't here the changes i made. also, try using the preamp in the EQ. i know what you are talking about in windows, but even at that, i never needed it in windows either. maybe look on FM or SF for a app that suits your needs.


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