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Thread: Printing with old printer

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    Printing with old printer

    I have an old laser printer (@1996) that isn't supported on anything past Windows ME (which is why I tri-boot 98SE, XP Pro, and Mandrake v9). Is there a way to print with this printer if it is not natively supported in Linux, either using stuff from the Windows driver file, or ...? I would hate to have to keep Windows just to print. Thanks.
    Asus A8V Deluxe Mobo
    AMD Athlon64 X2 4400 -939
    2GB Crucial DDR3200 Dual-Channel
    ATi AiW 9800 Pro 128DDR
    Audigy2 ZS
    Sony DRU-810 DVD+RW DL
    3 x Maxtor MaxLine SATA 160Gb 16Mb Cache
    1 x Maxtor MaxLine SATA 300Gb 16Mb Cache
    1 x Maxtor MaxLine SATA 120Gb 16Mb Cache

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    Re:Printing with old printer

    What kind of printer is it? make/model?

    You can search the list below to see if it is supported.

    Jim H

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