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Thread: Nvu 0.90 better looking and based on firefox.

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    Nvu 0.90 better looking and based on firefox.

    I downloaded the new Nvu 0.90 WYSIWYG Html editor for linux as you can see below it looks better there is minimal firefox theme support and extensions to
    it looks to be that it will in the very near feature support better java and php script creation all in all it isnt to bad of a tool certinly beats creating a web site by hand.


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    Yeah, Nvu is a fantastic editor. I think i might stop talking now and download it already...
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    Its a really great piece of software that work quite well on Linux and Windows. I don't create many static sites any more so I am looking forward to the enhanced server-side language support. It will be interesting to see how it handles includes and the like.
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