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Thread: Keeping configs up to date

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    Keeping configs up to date

    Hi All,

    Yesterday I used up2date to upgrade my Redhat 8 kernel to 2.4.18-18.8.0 from 2.4.18-17.8.0. Upon reboot, choosing the new kernel X wouldn't load. I have a feeling this is because the nvidia drivers haven't been compiled with this kernel. I expect that ntfs read support will need to be recompiled soon. And anything else I might have forgotten. I'm using the previous kernel version at the moment.

    I was wondering if there are any best practices I'm missing for keeping a list (other than pen and paper) of the 'extras' that will need recompiling each time I upgrade the kernel. Or is there even a way of getting this done automatically?

    Any suggestions on kernel/system housekeeping greatly appreciated.

    Cheers ...... Pete

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    Re:Keeping configs up to date

    i think its basicly any module

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    Re:Keeping configs up to date

    well, anything by nvidiot is gonna need help :. But other than that, the things that need to be compiled from kernel to kernel are the newest techonlogies, since most distros won't include stuff that is proven yet. btw, isn't ntfs READ already compiled in, and the write disabled?


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    Re:Keeping configs up to date

    ntfs read is NOT comiled in as default by RH8. I followed the OMP and have it as a module.


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    Re:Keeping configs up to date

    Well I guess you could write a bash script that automagically does everything for you.

    Jim H

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