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Thread: motherboard suggestion *begs*

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    motherboard suggestion *begs*

    I am building a price/performance Linux box. I am looking for a cheap motherboard that will not give me a headache trying to get the sound to work. I would like an onboard nic, but it is not a necessity. The processor will be a 1600 XP with 256 DDR. The distro will be either RH8 or Mandrake 9 because I have both. Please someone point me to the right board. I want to get into Linux and would like to order the board tonite so I can jump right in. Please help a noob out. Thanks.

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    Re:motherboard suggestion *begs*

    I have a Soltek mobo in my desktop PC, and I'm very happy with it.

    Here's are some mobos that seem to forfill your needs.. All should be generally available and should have good Linux support.

    MODEL: MS-6590 KT4 Ultra-BFISR

    MODEL: SY-KT400 DRAGON Ultra (Plantinum)

    MODEL: SY-KT333 DRAGON Ultra

    Now I would buy first SOYO mobo, as SOYO generally offers good performance and high stability mobos for a reasonable amount of $$$.

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    Re:motherboard suggestion *begs*

    Gigabyte and Epox make good boards, they aren't cheap though. You could get a good one, that has been around for 6-12 months, and it will be a lot cheaper. Now that the KT400 chipset is out the older KT333 boards are getting cheaper.

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    Re:motherboard suggestion *begs*

    I'd say go with Asus for reliability and Soyo for performance.

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