Please! Please! Help me XXX
I'm looking for current info on dual booting XP Pro & Mandrake 9, the best way to do this/ what not to do...
I will be building this new PC next weekend (specs:- Asus A7V8X, ATI 9700 Commando, AMD 2400+,80gb HD'WD', DVD'16xpioneer', CDRW'HP' + floppy etc...)
I'm very confused as there really does not seem to be many consistent answers.

1)I install XP 1st 'On a logical partition' (this i know) but on a NTSF or Fat32?, as the new Mandrake is different to previous releases.
2) I have the newest version of PM, should I use this? or use Mandrake to resize partitions as it now has support for Linux file ext.
3) I read and understand that I can install Linux on primary or logical partitions, is there any advantage to either way?
Yes, a lot of these questions have been asked b4, but I do not seem to get a clear picture for my prefered install.
It does not matter to me if XP/Linux can share files, I just want to get used to using Linux for now.
I have also read that the iso images are harder to install from is there any truth in this?
Thanx in advance for any time spent for helping me.