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Thread: XP Pro & Mandrake 9 dual boot

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    XP Pro & Mandrake 9 dual boot

    Please! Please! Help me XXX
    I'm looking for current info on dual booting XP Pro & Mandrake 9, the best way to do this/ what not to do...
    I will be building this new PC next weekend (specs:- Asus A7V8X, ATI 9700 Commando, AMD 2400+,80gb HD'WD', DVD'16xpioneer', CDRW'HP' + floppy etc...)
    I'm very confused as there really does not seem to be many consistent answers.

    1)I install XP 1st 'On a logical partition' (this i know) but on a NTSF or Fat32?, as the new Mandrake is different to previous releases.
    2) I have the newest version of PM, should I use this? or use Mandrake to resize partitions as it now has support for Linux file ext.
    3) I read and understand that I can install Linux on primary or logical partitions, is there any advantage to either way?
    Yes, a lot of these questions have been asked b4, but I do not seem to get a clear picture for my prefered install.
    It does not matter to me if XP/Linux can share files, I just want to get used to using Linux for now.
    I have also read that the iso images are harder to install from is there any truth in this?
    Thanx in advance for any time spent for helping me.

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    Re:XP Pro & Mandrake 9 dual boot

    Howdy there Sam,

    well here we go. if i were to tell you how to exactly get your system to dual boot at this second, it probably wouldn't make sense. This is probably best left for when you are done making partitions, and installed the operating systems of choice. aside from that here are a few tips for dual booting:

    1. as you know install windows first, simply for convenience. you may install it later, or second, but it involves an extra step or two to get it to dual boot. Once this is done we can add a few easy lines to the grub config file and you will be all set!

    2. I may also suggest that you install GRUB, (GRand Unified Bootloader) to the MBR(Master Boot Record), once again for convenience.

    3. If the drive is clean, don't bother using PM, just let the OS's do the partitioning. If this is a disk with stuff you don't want to use, then use PM to free up some space.

    *note the OS will also deal with the formating for the partition, in case you were wondering.

    4. you ask about what partition type to use. i would say that it all depends on what you would like to do. An NTFS partition is far better for windows from the stand point of fragmentation. then again, linux utilities are not very stable at this point as far as writing to an NTFS, and it is considered dangerous to do so. That aside, reading from an NTFS is fine. If you choose to use a FAT32, you will have no problem r/w on it from linux. This may be helpful if you would like to use some windows apps (probably games ) in linux.

    5. as far as logical or primary partitions, i am not sure what the differences are, just let the distro have what it wants

    6. There is no truth to the rumor that ISO's are harder to install from. What may catch some people up is that not all ISOs are bootable, but you can be mostly certain that your mandrake ISO is bootable. Another thing that bites people who are new to linux is that they don't burn the ISO properly. You must specifically tell the burner (assuming you are doing this from windows) to "make CD from image". i remember that you can choose this option in easy CD creator, under the file menu.


    8. Another good tip would be to print out all the documents you can find on mandrake, partaining to installation, you never know what might confuse you on an installation. it doesn't hurt ot read them ahead on time too :P

    *note use someone elses printer ;-)

    anyways, i think that is enough to get started with, lemme know what else you are unclear about 8) 8) 8) 8)


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