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Thread: NFS Share Support

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    NFS Share Support

    Ok, I'v used nfs in class with redhat linux 7.2, At home I just put on redhat 8 and it won't let me do it with him over the internet. It times out for him on his end (I am the host) When we installed linux we turned the firewall off, but when we check the settings it's set to high. when we change it, it still says it's changed until you click ok and open the firewall settings window again, it says it's still set to high. And for some reason now when my friend trys to connect to my share it says port mapper failure.

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    Re:NFS Share Support

    Interesting - i have never tried it over the internet, i could imagine it being a bitch with dynamic addresses and firewalls.

    How are you checking your firewall?
    You could disable ipchains and iptables to end that problem.

    If you want to share files over the internet i would use ftp.
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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    Re:NFS Share Support

    Yea... well I'm taking a pretty in depth class in it. So last night me and a guy in my class were trying to do NFS, NIS, DNS, FTP, and Apache webserver. Just taking turns being the server and the client and connecting to each other. But we're both new to RedHat 8.0 and because we didn't know which daemon was responsible for the firewall we couldn't really turn it off. We tried doing it through KDE but whenever we would change it, it would just change back. But yea, I got the midterm this afternoon so we'll just do this stuff here over the LAN instead of the internet.

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    Re:NFS Share Support

    To disable/configure the firewall in Red Hat, in the terminal type


    Then change the settings by using Tab and the spacebar to select.


    Flush the iptables rules if u using iptables or ipchains if u using ipchains.
    to do this with iptables type
    iptables -F

    i dont know about ipchains
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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