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Thread: redhat bootdisk?

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    redhat bootdisk?

    hey guys, im ready to graduate from win2k to redhat8.. i downloaded the three installation iso's and burned them.. but am unable to find a bootdisk to install redhat8.. i did find some bootdisk images.. but they are a little too large for a floppy (1.44 vs 1.38 available) how might i fix this problem?
    TIA! -james ???

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    Re:redhat bootdisk?

    could i make the first iso cd bootable?

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    Re:redhat bootdisk?

    the first cd is bootable, just set the option on the bios.
    if you can only see the .iso file on the cd, you have written it incorectly. you have to use the option (usually on the file menu) that says something along the lines of 'write cd from image'
    if your computer won't boot a cd, there are img files for floppy disks in the images/ folder. there is a floppy writer in the dosutils\rawwritewin folder


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