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Thread: Where's my IP address?!?

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    Where's my IP address?!?

    Hey guys!
    I'm trying to FTP to a Unix machine (I figure this will be the same as a Linux command), but I can't figure out the damn ip address!! I've got the name of the machine and when I ping it, it just tells me "it's alive"!!

    I'm thinking there's a totally simple command like "whatsmyipaddress" that I can enter in and find out!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Re:Where's my IP address?!?

    Hey feihung08,

    Use /sbin/ifconfig and identify the address bound to the interface your using.

    What Unix flavour are you using? The 'it's alive' response from ping reminds me of Solaris behaviour. You might want to try the -n and -v flags when pinging the name of the machine.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Re:Where's my IP address?!?

    Well, I'm pretty certain your right, but when I check the "Workstation Information" window it comes up with that it's a SunOS 5.6!! It's actually on a Sun Sparcstation 20. OLD!

    The machine I'm trying to find the ip address for isn't as helpful in that it does NOT have a "Workstation Information window"!! It's a controller box for a Xerox Docutech printer, so I'm assuming it's a Xerox version of Unix! The thing is I want to send a file to test print from my NT machine so I'm trying to ftp, but it can't locate the "name" of the machine. So I need the ip address!!

    So I've tried to go into the /sbin directory and launch the ifconfig.......but it apparently isn't as easy ipconfig where that lists address info!! It does launch a bunch of "help" info with flags and such, but I'm not sure what to enter for <interface>?!?! Can you give me an example of this command?!?

    And thanks a lot by the way!!

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    Re:Where's my IP address?!?

    SunOS 5.6 would explain the ping behavior. SunOS 5.6 is Solaris 6.

    To view all interfaces with ifconfig just run /sbin/ifconfig -a. I'm not sure the naming convention the controller box would use for it's interfaces so that's all I can suggest.

    Again, from the SunOS 5.6 machine try pinging the machine like this:

    ping -nv controllerboxname

    It may resolve the IP for you and display it.

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    Re:Where's my IP address?!?

    SUCCESS!!! ;D

    "ifconfig -a" displays the ip address and the subnet mask address!!

    That's all I needed!!

    Thanks a ton Aaron!! And Thanks to getlinuxonline for this kick ass forum!!! You guys rock!!

    And I'll be back with some install questions, so buckle your seatbelts!!


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