I know I have asked about this before, but I still need some help. My setup is this:

Suse 8.0 Pro. I have a Netgear router which I use with Earthlink (Mindspring) DSL. I have eth0 set up to use DHCP. MOST of the time when Suse boots up, it says that eth0 (DHCP) failed. When that happens, my internet works fine! In fact it is even faster than in Windows. Sometimes, it says: NO IP address yet....backgrounding. When that happens, I have no internet. It happens sporadically. I need to use DHCP, as far as I know, since I dont get a static IP with Earthlink.

Does anyone use a router with cable or dsl?

I assume that my dhcpd.conf is not configured correctly.

If anyone can offer some suggestions, I would appreciate it. For the first several months, my internet always worked. It is only lately that I am occasionally getting the backgrounding message.