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Thread: Office Applications?

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    Office Applications?

    What is your guys's preference for an office suite, KOffice, OpenOffice, etc.....I am interested, because in my latest experience I despise OpenOffice

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    Re:Office Applications?

    What happened with OOo? That is my preference. Then again, i here crossover office is pretty tight, but then i don't know how horrible your experience with OO was ;D

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    Re:Office Applications?

    Open Office really needs to work on their printing, they need to have more support and easier integration with cups. It was absolutely pathetic the amount of work I had to go through to get Open Office to just print, then the amount of work I had to go through to get it to actually print decently. It really dissapointed me. I have to still use it because it offers the closest thing I can find to MS Office, but it REALLY needs to be focused on its printing capabilities I think for the next upgrade.

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re:Office Applications?

    i was pointed to a post on /. a few days ago...
    Ximian has hacked OOo to bits, given it purtty icons, redone the menus, made it boot up quicker and ported it to gtk!
    can't wait for the release of it ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:Office Applications?


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    Re:Office Applications?


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    Re:Office Applications?

    is there a release candidate, or is there a projected date for it?

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    Re:Office Applications?

    none of either, yet, its only internal, although there was one screen on his presentation... erm
    compared to the original....

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    Re:Office Applications?

    i do like the color scheme, but is that totally lacking anti-aliasing?

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    Re:Office Applications?

    i think its a dodgy screen...
    hey, its gtk2, it *does* have aa....

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