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    Delta Force!

    Has anyone in here got Delta Force Land Warrior and Task Force Dagger to work in Linux? Will Med 3 or 4 work as well? SuSE 8.1 is my main OS and I have WineX but it is not configured right as I see all Nova Folders but cannot start game or Med. Anyone here Have a solution?

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    Re:Delta Force!

    Hi M8

    I guessing you are using wine? I did check out the site somewhere it leads you to some some other site that tell you wihch games work and I think Delta force Land warrior does work. But do check. I too play DFLW but on my windooze machine. I'm running to many projects at the mo but when I get to it I will check out DFLW.


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    Re:Delta Force!

    WineX is gonna be more successful than wine. maybe work on getting that working properly.

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    Re:Delta Force!

    I bought the latest version of winex, the beta, or bought the right to download I guess....It got Half-Life to working pretty well, and if any of you have tried, it takes an act of Congress and the UN(we all know how difficult that is) to actually get it to work, so I would give that a shot, plus your furthering their cause with a minimum 15 dollar payment, I paid 60 for the whole year

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    Re:Delta Force!


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