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Thread: Which file to DL?

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    Which file to DL?

    I read up on Gentoo and it seems like alot of people like it and it is easy to use....I went to their site and it said DL the livecd image, I see 2 of them there (livecd-basic-1.4_rc1-r2.iso) and (livecd-ut2003-i586-1.4.1.iso), Do I need both or just one...and which do I need? I have an AMD Athlon 1.4 if that matters :P

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    Re:Which file to DL?

    the UT2003 livecd has a copy of the unreal tournament 2003 demo on it. thats basicly what the cds for.
    If you just want to stuff around, get the other one.
    or get knoppix, thats the same

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    Re:Which file to DL?

    knoppix? what in the hell is that?

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    Re:Which file to DL?

    i guess its like a gentoo live cd.
    basicly is a full linux system on a cd, uncompressed it has about 2gb of software. it doesn't even need a hard drive to run.
    very cool for the person that wants to try the full power of linux without screwing around with partitions.

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    Re:Which file to DL?

    er...., the english version is

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