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Thread: FAM and portmap

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    FAM and portmap

    Why do i want these to be running in the background?

    File Access Monitor? i know when i access my files.

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    Re:FAM and portmap

    i think gnome uses FAM to do stuff like automount. KDE might use it too.
    When you put in a cd, gnome will automatically mount it and put a link to it on the desktop, super nifty
    Other wms might use it too


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    Re:FAM and portmap

    Quote Originally Posted by SunDevil
    File Access Monitor?
    FAM = file alteration monitor

    nautilus is one app that uses. I believe konqueror does also. If you want to know exactly what it does check out the FAQ.

    I saw a post from a Red Hat developer a while back who mentioned wanting to rewrite FAM to make it more sane. ie. for one, not having it need portmap, but it wasn't high on the priority list.

    Jim H

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