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Thread: X upgrade??

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    X upgrade??

    Hi guys,

    I went through the NVidia driver installation OMP at the weekend (unsuccessfully ???). I wonder if I got caught out with editing the XFConfig file instead of XFConfig-4 like so many others??

    I currently have XFree86 version 4.2.0-72, kernel 2.4.18-14 and an NVidia GeForce 2 GTS card (so no acceleration). I was looking at the XFree86 web site and noticed that version 4.2.1 appears to support acceleration for this card now.

    I tend to use Synaptic and apt for package download and installation but it's not showing an update at the moment which I think probably means there's nothing Redhat 8-specific out there right now. I'm looking for some advice on whether or not to go ahead and grab the download from XFree86 or wait until I see something on Synaptic.

    If I go for the 'Do it yourself' option, what would I need to backup to make sure I can get a working system again should I have problems?

    Looking forward to the advice ......


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    Re:X upgrade??

    what distro are you using?
    i just got them working on redhat 8.0 last nigh, ill post the instructions, or possibly the rebuilt rpms for you if you use it.
    redhat 8 nolonger has a XF86Conig-4 file, as there is not X version 3.6 included anymore. the -4 was there to seperate each version.
    use XF86Config now

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    Re:X upgrade??

    I'm on Redhat 8, kernel 2.4.18-14

    I wondered what the difference between the XF86config and XF86Config-4 files was. Thanks for answering that one before I had even asked it ;D

    Would certainly be interested in seeing your results.

    Thanks ..... Pete

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    Re:X upgrade??

    ok, this is what i did.
    downoad both .src.rpm files from the website.
    as root run:
    rpmbuild --rebuild
    rpmbuild --rebuild
    the completed rpms will be in /usr/src/redhat/RPMs/i386 (i think)
    cd to there and then install them in the order in the README, kernel then glx if i recall.
    then edit the XF86Config file and make the additions. you should only have to comment or remove one line, and change the video card driver.
    Restarting X will then get it to work.
    ill send a message to Aragorn to make a note on the omp for rh 8.0


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    Re:X upgrade??

    Quote Originally Posted by SwampDonkey
    I'm on Redhat 8, kernel 2.4.18-14
    Hmm, you seemed to be using an old kernel.

    These are 4.2.1 rpms that are being tested for an errata release for 8.0. I have been using them without problems, but I don't own a Nvidiot card.

    Since Nvidiot chooses not to release the specs on their video cards any support will not be the same as using the Nvidiot binary drivers. I imagine they will eventually get around to releasing drivers for 8.0

    Jim H

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    Re:X upgrade??

    Quote Originally Posted by JimH
    These are 4.2.1 rpms ....
    This is why I was wondering about upgrading X rather than keep playing around with the drivers at my current revision. Is this likely to be the best way of approaching this?

    Only a few more posts until you reach 2000 Jim, keep going ;D


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    Re:X upgrade??

    Well, what a productive day!!!

    Kernel now upgraded to 2.4.18-17.8.0
    Mozilla updates installed
    Successfully installed Nvidia drivers as per Alastair's instructions

    Thanks guys ;D ;D

    See you at #glo soon


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