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Thread: Loading modules on startup

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    Loading modules on startup

    I have an MSI K7N420 Pro (nforce) motherboard, which has onboard ethernet and sound cards. When I installed RedHat 8.0 I installed the driver and it recognised the devices, but didn't connect to the internet or play sound. I later found out that this was because it wasn't loading the modules on startup (nvnet for network and nvaudio for sound). If I do:
    /sbin/modprobe nvaudio
    Then there is a kernel tainting error but then the sound works so I assume this is safe to ignore. If I try the same thing for nvnet, I get an error saying the module was compiled with gcc which was 2.9 or something, and my current version is 3.0 or something. So instead, for the network I do:
    insmod nvnet
    and then
    /etc/init.d/network restart
    which makes the network card work. The only problem is that I have to run these 3 commands everytime at startup. Is there anyway I can make these commands be automatically typed as the system starts up? I have heard vague comments about modules.conf and other things about a script of some sort, but I don't really know much about either of these. Could anyone explain how I would go about this?


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    Re:Loading modules on startup

    I'm not to familiar with SysV scripts included with RedHat, but you could modify /etc/rc.d/rc.S (or whatever the runlevel startup script is )

    add in something like:

    if [ -x /etc/rc.d/rc.modules ]; then
    . /etc/rc.d/rc.modules;
    ( If you aren't familiar with coding that's the bash script equivelant of saying 'if specified file exists, execute it' )

    Then you can make a file in /etc/rc.d called rc.modules that contains the module installation commands.

    You don't of course have to name the file rc.modules, but that's what it is in Slackware, so it can't be bad! ;D

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    Re:Loading modules on startup

    A script could also be placed in /etc/rc.d/rc.local as this file is run at the end of the init process.

    This should mean that everything is in place for the requests to work.

    As far as the script itself would look, i'm not sure but that would certainly what i would look to do.

    Hope this helps..


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    Re:Loading modules on startup

    On my debian i use the following and it should work fine on redhat too.

    I have two files.

    basicially modutils is a script that loads the list of modules in /etc/modules at boottime.

    Just make sure modutils is run before your 'networking' script.


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    Re:Loading modules on startup

    I added a line like:

    /sbin/modprobe nvaudio

    and similar for nvnet will be needed but I use dialup so dont activate this, then I have to open the sound properties and move the PCM slider a touch to activate the audio (don't know a workaround for this but it works so Im happy)

    still only get 2 sound channels and audio isn't amazing, hope nvidia get this sorted some time as everything else works gr8 with this board

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