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Thread: Replacement application??

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    Replacement application??

    One of my favourite applications in the Windows world is called UltraEdit. Its a great little text/hex editor which does nice little things like syntax colouring for my Perl and HTML work.

    Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be (currently at least) a Linux version so I was wondering if someone could suggest an alternative on this side of the fence

    Thanks ..... Pete

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    Re:Replacement application??


    No... seriously... vim. It tends to be a pain to learn vi, but
    once you learn it, you begin to wonder why you ever used any other editor. Vim (vi improved) does color and syntax highlighting and I think it's one of the greatest tools for editing text. I'm not sure if vim does hex editing (never used it for such) but I know of another program (at least on OpenBSD in the Ports collection) called "bvi" for "binary vi" which does hex editing... although I'm not sure if it has color capabilities....

    I hope this helped...

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    Re:Replacement application??

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm already pretty comfortable with vi so I'll have a look at it. I also got a copy of Anjuta to have a play with.


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    Re:Replacement application??

    It tends to be a pain to learn vi, but once you learn it, you begin to wonder why you ever used any other editor.
    Agreed. It's part of that whole Windows/Linux and RedHat/Slackware paradigm. One takes longer to learn and sometimes seems more complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you wonder why you ever used anythign else.

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