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Thread: This'll make you laugh (or cry)

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    This'll make you laugh (or cry)

    I thought I would be clever and set up a couple of fat32 partitions so that I can have read/write access from both my RH8 and Win2K builds. So I fired up the old Partition Magic, shrank one larger partition and created the smaller ones.

    I expect by now you've noted the feebleness of my efforts and can predict what I'm going to say next. Yep, all my Linux partitions have been renumbered and nothing boots.

    GRUB comes up to the command line. I can boot into Win2k back by setting the root and chainloader bits and then entering 'boot'.

    Looking at my partitions now, I can see that /boot has become hd0,6 and / has become hd0,7 (with the swap partition at hd0,8). I can set the following

    root (hd0,6)
    kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.18-14 ro root=/dev/hda7

    which seems to get me so far but I get a kernel panic error;

    Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel

    so I appended init= /sbin/init but this didn't help at all. I removed the partitions but the system wasn't as quick to number the partitions back down as it was to increment them

    Any suggestions as to the best way to progress will be extremely appreciated.

    Now, stop laughing. ;D ;D


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    Re:This'll make you laugh (or cry)

    Can you post you current partition layout and your old one. Make sure to include the partition numbers before and after.

    Jim H

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    Re:This'll make you laugh (or cry)

    OK, lets see if I can get this right.....

    hd0,0 NTFS Windows 2k C:
    hd0,1 NTFS Windows 2k P: (page file partition)
    hd0,2 NTFS Windows 2k D:
    hd0,3 Seems to be a container for the partitions below..
    hd0,4 FAT32 Windows 2k G:
    hd0,5 FAT32 Windows 2k H:
    hd0,6 Linux native (I assume /boot)
    hd0,7 Linux native (I assume /)
    hd0,8 Linux swap

    I didn't make a note of the partitions before so I can only guess that partitions 6,7 & 8 were originally 4,5 & 6 respectively before I put the two FAT32 partitions in.

    Please let me know if you need any more information.

    Thanks so far ........ Pete

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    Re:This'll make you laugh (or cry)

    I'm not to sure how GRUB works, but I assume there is a configuration file that defines the boot process.

    You could use a bootable cd or disk to mount the harddrive containing the configuration file and modify it to reflect the new disk layout.

    Just a though.

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    Re:This'll make you laugh (or cry)

    OK, with the help of Spot and Babbing on #glo I've managed to make some progress. Got myself a copy of tomsrtbt, changed /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/grub.conf to get things pointing in the right direction. I then followed the GRUB reinstallation instructions.

    I started to make more progress once I worked out that /dev/hda6 <> (hd0,6). Slow learner but still having fun

    Playing around some more I've finally managed to get the OS to boot, at least further than I did before. I play around and see how things go.

    Thanks for all your help guys.


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