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Thread: redhat 8 ntfs

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    redhat 8 ntfs

    anyone know what happened to this link ?

    It was very useful as it gave step by step instructions to recompile the kernel for ntfs it doesn't seem available! Any suggestions ppl thanx.

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    Re:redhat 8 ntfs

    I temporarily removed it yesterday because that version was outdated. Until the new version is posted here you can find the latest version on my website.

    Jim H

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    Re:redhat 8 ntfs

    many thanx

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    Re:redhat 8 ntfs

    what was outdated about it?

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    Re:redhat 8 ntfs

    Quote Originally Posted by SunDevil
    what was outdated about it?
    Poor choice of words. Not the newest version would have been better. Plus I added a section on group access.

    Jim H

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