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Thread: RH8 & nVidia drivers

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    RH8 & nVidia drivers

    I am trying to install the nVidia drivers on my RH8 box. I have tried following your guide for installing it from the *.tar.gz files, but I have problems doing a make on the NVIDIA_kernel*.tar.gz same type thing when I try to install from the *.src.rpm s.

    I get several errors and warnings such as:
    #warning Using kernel headers in userspace
    #warning Using kernel headers in userland!

    and then tons of errors from nv-linux.h & nv.c

    I am very new to doing things of this nature in Linux. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re:RH8 & nVidia drivers

    First read this.;threadid=1432

    Second I don't use Nvidiot cards so I have no experience with them. However Alastair just installed 8.0 yesterday and he does. I will ask him if he is online tonight.

    I do know of people running them on 8.0 and they apparently work. At least for some people, but not for everyone. Until Nvidiot releases 8.0 specific drivers it will probably be "works for some".

    This is the problems you have when you have to rely on binary kernel modules.

    Jim H

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    Re:RH8 & nVidia drivers

    Goto and do a search, someone has posted a solution which works very well.

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