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Thread: The transition has begun.....

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    The transition has begun.....

    Hi All,

    What a stroke of luck finding this place!! Came across it while Googling to find answers to questions.

    Having some problems with reading NTFS. I'm using RedHat 8 by the way (and enjoying the experience so far). I've compiled the module and set up /etc/fstab with the following;

    /dev/hda1/c_driventfsuser,noauto,ro0 0

    which makes it possible for root to see the contents of the NTFS drive. I can also get one of my user accounts to see the contents by adding uid=,gid= and umask= entries in the mount options.

    BUT! I can't seem to find a way of giving more than one non-root user permission to see the NTFS partition. I'm sure I'm doing something fundamentally wrong here somewhere but I can't for the life of me work out where.

    Hope someone can help.

    Thanks ....... SwampDonkey

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    Re:The transition has begun.....

    Quote Originally Posted by SwampDonkey
    BUT! I can't seem to find a way of giving more than one non-root user permission to see the NTFS partition.
    Best way to do this is to add a group and put all members that you want to have access to the drive in that group.

    Example for creating a windows group. You can use any name you wish.

    Login as root user
    Create a new group:
    #groupadd windows

    Find out what the new ID number for the group is:
    #cat /etc/group | grep windows

    Output will look similiar to this:

    501 here is the new group ID

    Make your user a member of the new group:
    #usermod -G windows username

    Replace username with the name of the user you want to have access

    You can see what groups you are a member of with:
    #groups username

    Output will look like this:
    username : username windows

    Red Hat defaults to creating a group for each user.

    Edit /etc/fstab and save the changes:
    /dev/hda1 /drive_c ntfs noauto,users,gid=501,umask=007 0 0

    Unmount/remount the drive
    #umount /drive_c
    #mount /drive_c

    Note you will probably have to logout and login back in.
    Also note I am using "users" and not "user". The difference is that when the drive is mounted "user" only the user and root can unmount the drive. With "users" any user with permissions to access the drive can unmount the drive even if it was mounted by another user.

    I should add this to the article.

    Jim H

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    Re:The transition has begun.....


    Worked a treat ;D Thanks for the help.

    Next step, getting a copy of Outport and migrating the emails across (once I've worked out what I'm going to do about the attachments :P)


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