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Thread: "Kickstart"-ing Slackware How?!?

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    "Kickstart"-ing Slackware How?!?

    Hi All,

    I am fairly new to the Linux scene (so go easy please), I know in Redhat Linux there is a thing called "kickstart" which is where I can write a text file that Redhat will be read at boot time and I can describe how I want the disk partitioned, what packages I want to install and then what post install scripts I want run etc.

    In Slackware I have heard of tagfiles which allow me to specify the packages I want - but how can I make a CD in Slackware that would effectively do a kickstart for Slackware which is transparant to the user.

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    Re:"Kickstart"-ing Slackware How?!?

    As far as I know, using tag files is the closest you'll get to 'kickstart'. I'm unaware of any functionality that lets you predefine drive slice setups. I'm also unaware of something that allows you to define scripts to be executed, post installation.

    Considering slack does not use a partitioning program like diskdruid, which may be designed to implement predefined slice setups, I could see how this could be harder to accomplish via fdisk, if even possible at all.

    One of the other slack users may know of something I don't mind you.

    Good choice on going with Slackware btw!

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    Re:"Kickstart"-ing Slackware How?!?


    take a look at my project on sourceforge:

    it provides a full auto installation.



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    Re:"Kickstart"-ing Slackware How?!?


    You are a GOD!

    Is there anyway I can use this to make a floppy disk that when I boot the computer will read the config specified on the disk and install packages from a standard unmodified Slackware CD? Then run post install scripts I specify?



    PS - I am hoping to put my own project on sourceforge, a MP3 software kit for the car that uses a cut down linux distro (hopefully slack), output through industry standard LCD display input through numeric keypad. I could e-mail you the project brief if your interested - it would be cool to have your advice on how to set up an open source project and your linux environment expertise!

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