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Thread: Updating Ghostscript

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    Updating Ghostscript

    I've just downloaded Ghostscript 7.4 and I want to install it and set my system to use it instead of the old version (6.5).

    What do I have to do other than (obviously) install the rpm? Is there a setup, configure thingy somehwere that I have to change? I'm running RH 7.3

    I've got no idea about how printing works... I just click the print button and out comes the output (sometimes). My old version of ghostscript choked on many of my TT fonts and I'm told the newer versions (7.x) have fixed this.

    Any help would be gratefully received! :

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    Re:Updating Ghostscript

    Try grabbing the ghostscript source rpms from 8.0 and see if they will recompile on 7.3.

    I don't currently have any 7.3 boxes with ghostscript installed, so I don't know what problems you might encounter.

    Jim H

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