I have been working at a small company that uses Cisco Routers to connect a VPN of 4 offices (using 56K Circuit Relay lines).

One office recently decided to add an Internet connection, via a DSL line.

I connected the DSL modem (which works fine), I connected a DSL/Cable router (SMC-Barricade model). I edited the new DSL router's "Gateway" to "x.x.x.254", so it would not conflict with the existing CISCO VPN router IP (x.x.x.1).

On the hosts I edited the network configuration. Adding the new gateway (x.x.x.254"), and the appropriate DNS servers etc...

My problem:

Whenever the new DSL Router is the only gateway on the hosts, internet works fine on all computers.

When the DSL router (254) is the primary and the existing VPN Cisco router (1) is the secondary gateway. The internet works, but when I access the company programs (using the secondary gateway). The internet or the company programs (or both) lock up!

When the VPN Cisco router is primary and the DSL router (254) is secondary. The company programs work fine...until you try to access the internet. Again a problem with both working at the same time.

So to recap; When I only use one gateway, or use only programs which use the same single gateway things work fine.

Otherwise; While using both gateways, whichever program I start first (apparently regardless of which gateway is set to primary at the time), seems to work fine... Until I start a program that uses the other gateway. Then my previous program doesn't get any response from the initial gateway it was accessing.

Basically it appears that both routers want to be the primary and only "Router" gateway present on the hosts.


-I can ping all gateways manually fine during all this.
-Also my company uses "Static IP" for all computers (I don't know why).
-The OS the host PC's use is W98, the server accessed using the Cisco VPN router is an "Unix" server for company apps.

Anyways if anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated! I have never tried using multiple gateways, or routers on the same LAN before!