I am your typical Windows user but after seeing so many good things about Linux on other forums I want to try this new world. I have a number of questions so I beg your forgiveness if I seem to rabbit on a bit. :-[
1. I have downloaded Corel Linux and copied it to cd. When I boot from the cd I get the initial linux setup screen but as soon as it loads the graphics drivers my display becomes totally illegible. The display is just large pixels all over the screen. When I move the mouse I can see something moving but what it is I just can't see. Could it be that my graphics card is not supported by the OS?
2. Is this version of Linux really the best for me to learn from? I know I have it now but if there is a more suitable version of Linux would I be better advised to try something else?
Oh that's not too bad. My head was full of questions but it seems if I can get some answers to those 2 questions then that would clear up a few things for me.
Thank you. ;D