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Thread: Novell Sucks Ass

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    Novell Sucks Ass

    Every school I go to and every network I see uses Novell. And it never works, everytime on every network I have to login and click through like 5 errors. The sweetest network I've seen that had all its shit together was my computer science teachers. He had Redhat 7.2 with samba running on it and all the other workstations had win2k that logged into the network through samba. On top of that you had a shell account to use if you wanted to ssh into the redhat box and work through the console. Why can't every school do that?

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    Requires more than point and click skills by the weak admins

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    Novell is sweet, it's wonderfull.
    And I think you're lying about the number of Novell networks you've seen. I've been running it for at least 6 years in pretty big companies and everything was the way it should be,

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    I couldnt possibly be lying seeing as how i never mentioned the number of networks ive seen. The last about 12 schools that ive visited, both highschool and college have had Novell running when i checked out their labs. And when you logged in Novell would give error. Maybe its just dumbass admins that cant config or install the shit right, who knows, but from my experiences novell just looks like a hassle.

    Edit: and as for my computer science teachers network with rh and win2k with samba, it was setup one day and up the entire senior school year. every other network thats been run with novell has fallen to pieces. It just seems that if your going to run windows workstations that log into a network, win2k and samba make a perfect match, thats all.

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    I have worked at three large consulting firms that use Novell for LAN/WAN and I have been happy with the performance overall. I'd rather be on Unix or Linux, but Novell beats the hell out of M$ servers any day.

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    must be a school thing then. : because these networks are screwed up beyond belief.

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    I'll third that vote for Novell being rock solid. I even heard an urban legend about a Novell 4 server having like a 4 year uptime. As the story goes, no one knew where the server really was and when they followed the wire to it, they found it had been closed into a wall by construction from a previous year.

    Also, what client were you using? Were the errors related to a POS desktop or network unavailiblity?

    A network, no matter what vendor type, is only as good as its admin. I think people point their fingers at shitty OSes when really it is the IT staff that is the POS. I agree that Novel, and *nix is a far better server platform that M$. Unix is by far more scalable, but if an M$ network is set up correctly, it will run right and be pretty damn reliable.

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    Usually the networks are logged onto by using Novell Client v3.32 on Windows 98. I think it probably is the admins, maybe these people just dont care or know what they are doing. Since I've only experienced them in schools. So I can admit that Novell must be nice, I just havent seen it work the way you guys say it does. I see all the school networks using it go down the drain and have nothin but problems. So its probably the admins. :

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    Most likely the problem exists with Win98. I've admined on school networks long enough to know that Win98 in any environment where the PCs are shared by a multitute of users usually get buggy real fast and require weelky re-imaging to be reliable at all.

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    Re:Novell Sucks Ass

    We just upgraded to Netware 6 in a clustered absolutely fabulous.

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