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Thread: RedHat 8.0 installation problem

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    RedHat 8.0 installation problem

    I chose to install as an upgrade to my present system (7.3 fully up2date). I burned disc 1 and 2 myself and disc 3 was burned by a friend on a debian machine.

    This installation went smoothly until it asked for disc 3. I put disc3 in the drive, closed it and pressed return. The installation just sat there with the "Please enter disc 3 window on the machine). I left it for an hour or so and nothing had changed. I was panicking by this stage a dn decided to poweroff and reboot to see what would happen.

    Much to my releif the machine booted ok and i could see no dtat loss. I now have 2/3 of RedHat8.0 installed.

    My first question is how do i sort this out?

    My thinking was to burn the 3rd disc on my own machine and then start from scratch i.e go for an upgrade again starting with disc 1. I noticed when i reboot that x wouldn't start (i have a nvidia card) this is probably due to the fact that i had a more uptodate kernel in place to the 2.4.18-4 kernel that comes with 8.0 so i'll look at that tonight.

    Also, just in case X wont start. Can somenoe please explain how to burn the 3rd iso from the command line. What command would i type in at the console assuming that the 3rd iso is in /home/david/cdburns

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    Re:RedHat 8.0 installation problem

    run the md5 check
    at the boot prompt on cd1, type linux mediacheck
    and pop in cd3

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    Re:RedHat 8.0 installation problem

    Burn disk 3 yourself and run the upgrade again. I have seen a couple other reports of problems burning cd 3. All burners are not created equal. Some just do a better job then others.

    Also, I really would not recommend an upgrade. Upgrade's between major releases can lead to strange issues that have to be corrected. Upgrades from point releases are fine, but I usually recommend clean installs otherwise.

    Jim H

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