Since all my buddies tell me Linux rules, I decided to try it and got 7.3. Next day, I promptly broke it trying to implement NTFS mounting support. Luckily for me, 8.0 just came out so I got that and installed it. It's working relatively well (I'm using it now), but I have some things I want to do with it that I have no idea how. I could spend days researching it or I could just stop by here and ask the gurus.

Here are all the different things I want to do with it:

  • Fix the ethernet error that comes up on startup. It says adding my computer name to the file /etc/hosts might fix that. Greek to me... With this in mind, how do I check what my IP is? Looks like the localhost IP ( I need to know my external IP.
  • Set Linux up to read my FAT32/EXTENDED and NTFS partitions. Don't necessarily need to write to the NTFS as I've heard that's dangerous.
  • Add Linux to the XP dual boot menu. I have it on the list but attempting to boot from it gives me an error with just one letter, "L." Though it is needing to be updated to 8.0 anyway.
  • Set up Linux to talk to my windows boxes and use their network workgroups to share drives and the printer. Also... figure out how to share the Linux drives as network drives, including the mounted NTFS partition.
  • Set up a remote access server like VNC to let me control my Linux box from my laptop upstairs.
  • Figure out how to use WINE so I can play some of my old games again
  • Set up a FTP server that access the NTFS partition (read only) and has uploadable directories on either the FAT or ext3 partitions.
  • Anything else I forgot that'll be added later.

Future goals...

  • Figure out how to set up a mySQL server on this Linux box so I can install stuff like web forums.
  • Along that line, figure out how to use the web server...
  • Figure out how to use the file server.

Ok, I admire anyone who can answer even two or three of these questions in one post. I doubt that'll be easy, so I suggest someone contact me on AIM. My SN is Guru of Light

Thanks in advance.