Ok, this morning before work (I get up early) I installed RH 7.3 in place of Suse 8.0. The install went fine! However, I installed GRUB (was using LILO with Suse) and it only gave me one choice...Red Hat. I would have thought it would have put Windows in there like LILO did. So, after a little bit of panic that maybe Windows was gone (my wife uses it), I finally configured the grub.conf file and now Windows can be booted. I have some other questions, though, and maybe it is becuase I am more used to Suse. When I would start Suse, I would get a graphical menu with choices of who to log in as (me, root, etc) and choices for Gnome, KDE, etc. With RH, I get a prompt that says dhcpp1 and I have to log in from there. I havent tried, but I assume you can log in as root from there? Also, my internet doesnt seem to be working, while with Suse, it worked right out of the box. I plan on using it and reading up on the RH site, etc on how to use it and Gnome, but 1 more quick question...where do I go to mount my C (windows) drive?