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Thread: New to Linux - Installing FC-3

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    New to Linux - Installing FC-3

    I am trying to install FC-3 on my machine with below specs:

    P4 2.80GHz 800FSB 512K Cache
    In-Win Mid Tower S564G 3G 300W Case (Black Color) Ma Labs Part#: CA-S564G Price: $63.25
    Memory 256MB PC3200 DDR ECC/Un-Reg Oem
    Maxtor 120GB Serial ATA 7200 9.3MS 8MB
    Sony IDE Cdrom 52X Black

    I am novice when it comes to Linux but am trying to gain extensive knowledge thru installing it and working on it.

    Below is the problem that I am facing.

    When I try to install FC-3 on my machine during the search of USB drivers it hangs upand gives a blue screen with one page long message. I have not been able to capture the message and it is my guess that it happens while looking for USB drivers as I read lots of USB related errors on the page.

    In addition to my hardware above I am also using USB KB
    & mouse, USB CDRW - external and a USB printer. (Printer is powered off).

    Any ideas what can i do to make FC-3 work on my machine ?


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    Is u r Mouse is Optical?if so check for the l'glow of light'.this is one way determin,whetehr u r usb is working or not.

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