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Thread: Vegastrike won't install

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    Vegastrike won't install

    :'( Hi Guys/Gals

    I Fancied a bit of entertainment, tried to install vagastrike, the dependicies were checked and i got this. these file are needed for the program to install:

    I'm using redhat 8.0 256mb ram, nvidia g-force 2 mx -400. BTW UT2003 is awesome!

    I've tried google search net not had much luck.

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    Re:Vegastrike won't install

    is vegastrike an rpm?
    the easiest way to fix this problem is to search for each file on
    This will show the rpm that you have to download, and you just download it ;D

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    Re:Vegastrike won't install

    More like the easiest way is to compile it yourself and not use the binary.

    Jim H

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