Subject: Mandrake 8.2 > RedHat 7.3 > ATI AIW Radeon > Gatos Tv Tuner Install:
I'm trying to install the Gatos drivers/software for the ATI2 project so I can get the tv tuner and video capture to work.I've downloaded the following files:

Soyo K7V Dragon Plus
Athlon XP1500+
ATI 32mb Radeon All IN Wonder 4x AGP Video Card
Audigy Platinum Sound Card and Drive

I have no experience compiling Linux kernels.I have minimal experience with FreeBSD 4.5 where I successfully followed DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS to install sound suport for a SoundBlaster sound card on another computer.I've tried following the instructions and links from the site.These instructions assume some experience with installing drivers/software and compiling in Linux.
I need step by step instructions,what order these files get installed,what configuration files need to be edited,the differences between Mandrake 8.2 and RedHat 7.3 > I know they store some configuration files in different places.
I have not found the type of instructions I need.Can anyone help? Once I'm able to do this successfully then I'll have a much better understanding in how to do things in Linux.