Just recently started dual booting XP and Red Hat 7.3
I have 3 machines running on a home lan all using XP
They are connected using Linksys 4 port router.
I am able to browse files on the XP machines using the Red HAt box , however I am not able to see files on the linux box using the XP Machines.
Samba is running and I am able to see the linux box.
I cannot get past the password error and see your network administor error.( not that it's an error)
I have tried editing the smb.conf file but I am not too smart.
Does this key mean comment " ; " (without the quotes)
I have read quite a bit about the smb.conf file and it ???seems that it can be simplified. I only need file and printer sharing.

btw has anyone on this forum run Medal of Honor on a linux box?