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Thread: Burning .so files

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    Burning .so files

    I am trying to install Mandrake 9.0. I have MDK 8.2 now. I want to install 9.0 on another Hard drive just to make sure I can run everything ok. How can I burn the .iso files for the os onto a cd? I can't seem to get this done without getting errors, or it just not working at all.

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    Re:Burning .so files

    are you burning it onto a 700mb cd? theres a note on the download page that says that.
    Im assuming you can normally write a cd. This is from the README file on the mandrake site:
    With CD-Record:
    CD-Writing HowTo:

    For example:
    cdrecord -v speed=4 dev=4,0 mandrake.iso
    You get the number on the SCSI bus number with "cdrecord --scanbus"
    eg my dev line is dev=0,0

    hope this helps


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