For KDE users, adn especially people who use Konqueror, you may have come across this once. Have you ever had the bookmarks toolbar get jammed at the top, and get submerged under the menu bar, while slid a little to the left, so that you couldn't move it? Well it happened last night to me and it took me 15 minutes today t ofix it, with a little pointer from Spot. What i did was simple:

1. ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc

2. i backed up the file

3. i opened the config file as root and scrolled down to the section named
[KonqMainWindow Toolbar bookmarkToolBar]

4. Looking closely, i noticed that the position of the bookmarks toolbar was different from the rest. it said Position=Flat.
simply change this to Position=Top, and everything will be better again :P

WOOHOO! i love triumph in the morning. seriously, i hadn't even taken off the towel i used in the shower before i got this one :P