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Thread: Basic Networking

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    Basic Networking

    This is my first foray into networking with Linux. I opened up LinNeighborhood and then turned on my WinXP laptop. I am able to see the laptop from LinNeighborhood and mount the shares.

    I really dont understand much about Samba, though, which I assume is what LinNeighborhood is running on top of. First off, I wanted to upgrade to the latest version, but I cant get past these dependencies:

    <ome/mugs/Desktop/samba-client-2.2.6-0.i386.rpm;echo RESULT=$?
    error: failed dependencies: is needed by samba-client-2.2.6-0 is needed by samba-client-2.2.6-0
    samba-client = 2.2.3a is needed by samba-2.2.3a-64

    Do I have to manually start Samba? is there any configuration I need to do? How do I access the Linux machine from Windows and how do I access one Linux box from another? In windows I understand how to name the machines and everything, but I dont understand what to look for from the Windows box when I am looking for the linux box.

    Lots of questions, any help or answers or pointers to good sources would be very appreciated. Thanks!

    Few minutes later:

    I think I got Samba upgraded, but not 100% sure. Where can I check the version? Assuming, I have, I still have the other questions, and I am going to take a break and spend some time with the wife.


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    Re:Basic Networking

    samba -v should give version

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    Re:Basic Networking

    thanks, but I keep just getting "command not found"

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    Re:Basic Networking

    that'll be because the samba executable isn't in the path. run the full path, something like /usr/local/bin/samba -v

    'locate samba' should give you the location

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    Re:Basic Networking

    Thanks, I am still trying. I had been in the direcotry when trying it before. I did a locate samba and there are many many places.

    Where can I find some info on accessing Linux from Windows. I have tried it but cant see the Linux box from XP....


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    Re:Basic Networking

    I had similar problems getting the concept right (and I still have) :
    but I found it easier to use webmin to configure my server for using samba and shares and such ... and now it works just fine


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    Re:Basic Networking

    Thanks Kenhan! I downloaded it and it is very powerful. I have to figure out wha t is wrong with my dhcpd settings now!

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