I am sorry for doing the multiposts across 5 different boards on this site. A regular member here gave me advice and I am now taking it and I am going to make this my main thread and would like to continue to try and solve this problem...once again I am sorry for multiposting and it shall not happen again.I plan on doing this post the way it should be done...right.

I am running Redhat 7.3 and currently nothing graphical works..IE. Tuxracer, xlogo and xwindows which concerns me most.

My hardware setup is this:
MSI K7N420 Pro with the nForce chipset (integrated audio, video and ethernet)
AMD Tbird 1.4 Ghz
384mb Ram
HP Pavilion M70 monitor
42x Cdrom drive
Teac W54E Cd Burner
Generic Floppy
Kingston KNEIIITX (ETHERX VPII 10/100 PCI FAST ETHERNET ADAPTER) Which currently doesnt work as well.

Several people have tried to help me to no success but I hope that someone or someones will be able to solve this.

I downloaded the the following drivers:
Redhat 7.3 nForce drivers named NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0241.rh73up.athlon.rpm from this page http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=linux_nforce_1.0-0241

It installed the rpm and later found out it went to a folder that isnt checked by XF86Config so I copied it to a folder where it does get read, I updated the XF86Config-4 to what people instructed me to and changed the driver name from nv to nvidia which gave me an error when I tried startx, the error is as follows:
Loading module "nvidia"
Module nvidia not found
Unloading module "nvidia"
(dont remember this part) [module does not exist,0]
then the mouse driver loaded here
under the mouse driver loading thing it said:
No drivers found

Fatal error ocured:
no screens found

So then I changed it nvnet as that is what the installed driver was called and got these errors when startx:
Loading module "nvnet"
not loading .fixup
not loading .re.fixup
not loading .modinfo
not loading __ex_table
not loading .re__ex_table
Could not find nvnetModuleData data object
[invalid module,0]

This is where I currently stand...if anyone needs more info about other documents please ask and I will get them posted up here. Once again I am sorry for the multiposting.

PS-Aragorn when you have a chance could you delete the other 4 or 5 topics I made? Thank you